About Us

We Foster Education

Focus is an environment where learning is encouraged. Increasing awareness of nutrition, fitness and self protection for young and old.

We Pursue Excellence

Participation in competition is always encouraged. We have supported athletes as far as the Olympics in multiple disciplines.

We Practice Honesty

This is a two way street. Our commitment to you is to always give you the truth, no matter if its hard to hear. We expect no less in return.

We Create Fun

The atmoshere at Focus is laid back, relaxed, and always respectful. We are famed for our annual summer water fight in Cooper Park, Kids movie nights and more.

What is Focus?

Focus was the dream of a 12 year old Martial Artist who loved to learn, practice and master techniques. Living in the highlands of Scotland, training outside was not always an easy option, but when Focus owner Mark Spike Russell needed to practice, weather and lighting didn’t stop him.

Having achieved a high level in Martial Arts, Mark wanted to make sure future practitioners wouldn’t need to endure the horrendous conditions he had done as a child and vowed to take Martial Arts in Moray to the next level. Focus is the oldest full time Martial Arts centre in Moray and the one with the most number of different styles.

Focus founder Mark says; “It is a hub, Focus is a place where like minded individuals can meet, observe and even try a variety of martial art styles- we have students who cross train all the time. Learning a bit of kicking, grappling, punching or even de stressing in a yoga class helps us develop physically and mentally. If more people realised the benefits of Martial Arts or other disciplined physical learning I know the world would be a healthier and happier place.”

Focus believes in equality, we understand the benefit of being an individual and encourage individuality – champions are not clones, they are special individuals and everyone can be their own champion. Know that our door is open to everyone we will work together to find the right choice for you!

Our Classes and Clubs at Focus

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